Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Models of Professionalism in Illustration/Visual Communication

“Life is not semesters.” Aaron Meshon

The illustration field is changing quickly.

Illustrators and clients are coming together to work online and social media allows for valuable interaction. Once isolated, illustrators now coming together and use social media to market their work (in varied ways such as Etsy, BeHance, the iSpot, etc.) and discuss the profession, strategies, and client issues.

Digital entertainment is normal now. And it makes people comfortable with electronic formats. E-book sales have tripled in the last year with e-books outselling traditional books by 43% in the last quarter. They can be multi-path stories and are highly visual. E-books will outsell paperbacks in 2011.

Markets for illustrators are opening in electronic publishing and online gaming. Vinyl toys and licensing are on the rise (Haring: The Pop Shop). Illustrators can develop their own markets and not necessarily wait for an art director to call.

Gary Baseman is a good example.

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