Friday, November 19, 2010


No more math! No, seriously. You can weight projects, work with either letter grades, points or percentages, take roll/attendance, and on and on. Then, at that fateful moment at the end of the semester, it's all calculated for you, so you won't have to stay up all night wondering if your math skills will stand up in court. Beautiful!

See a demo about Snap Grades here:

Website: SnapGrades

From the SnapGrades website:

 • Enter scores as points, percents, grades, rubrics, even adjustments (25+2 or 40-5%).
 • Customize letter grades, rubrics, pass-fail, etc.
 • Customize weighted or unweighted categories.
 • Set weighted grading periods and exams.
 • Customize special marks for missing work, excused assignments, etc.
 • Type comments for each score of each student.
 • Set different grade scales for different classes.
 • Drop low scores automatically.
 • Override or adjust the total grade for each student.
 • Curve grades for any assignment.
 • Create independent study assignments for one or a few students.
 • Graph how each assignment impacts the student's grade.
 • Show students "What If" scores so they can see what they would need to reach a certain grade.

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