Monday, January 17, 2011

More on To-Do Lists

As we said earlier, there are many to-do list options and services online and you can find one to meet your needs. Here is another good one: Remember the Milk.

Here is a screen shot of my own setup. In addition, here is a really helpful video that very quickly goes over some of the pluses in this system. Prepare to be annoyed by the abrasive music, but stick with it:

Remember the Milk is really flexible, free, and nice to look at. It is organized using tabs (like file folders) and you can even make smart lists (lists culled from other lists that you set up by specifying how/why something belongs on that list). You can even use RTM offline and then sync when you go back online.

It's social too- you can share tasks with friends or colleagues.

The down side is that the mobile app will cost you an upgrade to the "Pro" account online, but the cost isn't too much ($20/year). Your mobile app can then be synced with the online version and vice versa. If you are looking to get organized and this interface appeals to you, give it a try. Remember the Milk has a lot of fans!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beautiful... and, Therefore, Less Scary

The vast array of tools out there can surely be confusing. These folks have done a great job of making some sense out of them! Have a look around, and if you'd like more, click on the "index" tag in the tag cloud on the right hand side of your screen for some other options.

You can download this chart at The Conversation Prism.  (In hi-res, even!)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Social Media and Museums

Colleen Dilenschneider over at the "Know Your Own Bone" blog has written an interesting post detailing the importance of social media engagement by museums and how the increased transparency of social media use has impacted non-profits. This definitely has relevance to education and our educational institutions. Have a look:  The Classics: 3 Ways Museums Have Paved the Way in Online Transparency

From "Know Your Own Bone" blog, ©Colleen Dilenschneider

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What's Legal? What Ain't?

You're ready to dive in the deep end of Social Media with your colleagues or in your classroom. What about copyright? Most of us don't know enough, but it's possible to learn. If only someone would put it together for us in a digestible form online. Oh, WAIT! Someone HAS!

Georgia K. Harper, at University of Texas, put together the Crash Course in Copyright and it is available to you 24/7/365, and totally free. It's a great resource for you, your colleagues and students. How lucky are we? Yes, that lucky.

Online Tools Rosetta Stone!

So, you're ready to go exploring online and pick out a few shiny, new toys. Where to start? Try Go2Web20, an online (visual) index for tools and applications that could really help you find a few gems. To narrow things down, click the tags of interest on the right (or click "Show All Tags" at the bottom to see, well... all of them). You'll find SOMEthing worth taking home!

Another good resource is Brandon Uttley's mindmap "Social Media Framework" (clickable) found at Go here: Social Media Framework

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Social Media for Grownups: Linked In

You've heard of Linked In, but are you on it? Should you be? Linked In is like Facebook for Careers. Rather than being purely social with some professional life thrown in, Linked In is professional life with some sociability thrown in! On Linked In you can gather recommendations, give recommendations, maintain professional relationships, and help mentor recent students on their way up the food chain. Here is a video that explains Linked In:

And another that goes over the how's and why's of Linked In:

So, join Linked In and get connected (to other grown ups)!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

EASIEST Way to Add Screen Shots to Anything You're Doing. For Real.

Oh, you've been there. It'd be easiest if you could actually share what is going on right on your screen, but how? Skitch is the answer. Importantly, it is FREE. Almost as importantly, it is EASY to use. You can grab screens, notate on them either with type or a drawing tool, and then use the images how you see fit. Simple. Go here to download (I would!): Skitch, you fool!

Then watch, quickly, how to use it. You'll never look back. Well, you might, but only to capture, notate and share. ;-)